Why we might possibly be the best provider of natural stone in the world?

We guarantee that you will receive

  2. for the QUALITY that you want
  3. and ON TIME for your project.

Or else the onus is on us. Easy to figure out our prices – give us a call with you needs. Or look at some of USA FOB prices of selected stones on this website. If you are not satisfied with quality or timing we pay you a penalty.

Is that simple enough for you? So how do we do it? Why take such responsibility?

Let’s not mince words: despite its high value add, natural stone is the most expensive product with high quality and supply-chain unpredictability.

From sourcing times to color-texture homogeneity or variation, to challenging performance after installation, project managers, interior designers and developers love to hate the beauty of natural stone.

Cost, quality and timing of the project are influenced by all the players in the value chain, namely quarries, exporting traders, importing traders, local raw material traders, slab factories, cut to size factories, warehouses, local finished material traders, local workshops and Installers.

Let’s face it, most interior designers and architects have no choice but to rely on the local suppliers who send the natural stone samples which are quickly placed on the mood-boards right before client meetings. Once the sample enters the complicated supply chain mechanisms, there is no single responsible entity for quality, price or timing.

Globe Stone presents a unified front to the customer while controlling the entire supply chain. This mitigates the aggregate variation in the process to achieve the highest quality stone at the most competitive prices delivered right on time.

  • 3 local procurement offices fully staffed at the highest producing regions in Turkey.
  • 3 local procurement offices in China.
  • Managing 11 consecutive phases in the process to control the quality of each individual action in each phase
  • For example: the amount of allowed linear meter cut by each blade of a cutting machine.
  • A final quality control ensures color and texture homogeneity.
  • For example: Every piece of stone in each enclosed area is examined.by laying down flat of all five surfaces of a room next to each other to replicate the actual visual experience of an end customer.
  • Specifically designed proprietary packages for the unique pieces of natural stone sizes.